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We have a new plan! Upon reflection during a six month strategic planning process, which culminated in a retreat on April 27, 2010, we found that our previous mission statement still holds true to what we are dedicated to as an organization. What has changed is how we will carry out that mission. Please see our statement and summary below.

2010 Mission Statement

Future Harvest-CASA is a network of farmers, agricultural professionals, landowners and consumers living and working in the Chesapeake region. Future Harvest - CASA promotes profitable, environmentally sound and socially acceptable food and farming systems that work to sustain communities.

Summary of Strategic Plan

Future Harvest is focused on the needs of Chesapeake area farmers. Future Harvest provides first and foremost hands-on educational opportunities on sustainable farming, by promoting and organizing field days and our annual conference, and promoting farmer-to farmer training.

Partner Organizations are key to Future Harvest’s success and should be an integral part of its audience and program delivery. Future Harvest provides coordination and collaboration between entities that serve the sustainable farming community. Future Harvest also works collaboratively with organizations that raise awareness and promote local food to consumers and food professionals.

Consumers (including home and community gardeners) can go to Future Harvest as a trusted source of information on food and local agriculture. Using web technology, Future Harvest can help consumers connect to the best source of information on local producers and local food.

Future Harvest’s goal is also to be a hub for information on policy issues affecting local food and local farmers, either by linking to expert opinion on specific issues or by sponsoring research on topics of critical importance to the sustainability of family farms in the Chesapeake Region.

We want to continue collecting feedback from our members. Please take our ongoing 12 question, 5 minute online survey. Please feel free to call with questions or with your direct feedback at 410-549-7878, or emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .