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Topic of Interest Groups

Topic of Interest Groups


Our Topic of Interest Groups are now set up and ready for your input and discussion!

The purpose of the Topic of Interest Groups is to share information (educational events, new research, or basic questions and answers) pertaining to specific agricultural specialties with those producers dedicated to that field. As a member of the group, you receive emails on topics that could be of interest to you; you may also email the group with your questions or events.

If you indicated interest in one of our groups, either at the Annual Conference or on your membership form, you should have received an email invitation to join that group. But you don't have to have an invitation to join any or all of these groups. Just click on the link to the group that interests you, and join online. The more participation we have, the more valuable the groups will be for everyone.
Participation is free, and you can determine whether you want to receive emails of every post in real-time or whether you want to receive all the group's posts in one daily email digest.  Click the link to any of the groups below and join!