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Who We Are

Building a sustainable foodshed from farm and fishery to table

Future Harvest’s mission is to advance agriculture that sustains farmers, communities, and the environment. We provide education, networking, advocacy, and research to help build a sustainable Chesapeake foodshed, where food flows from farm and fishery to table in ways that strengthen farming and the regional food economy; protect our land, water, and air; and provide healthy, nutritious food that sustains the region’s communities.

We are often asked how Future Harvest defines sustainability. While it certainly defies a single-word definition, most approaches center around the three-legged stool of profit, planet, people. Future Harvest believes that for agriculture to be truly sustainable, these elements must be advanced together.

How does this manifest in our work? We enlist farmers, chefs, and other foodshed actors who grow and source food sustainably to lead our peer-to-peer education programming (see Field School). We advocate for policies that help small farmers succeed as well as a resilient regional food economy, and policies that protect the environment and communities (see Advocacy). And our network of partner foodshed-focused organizations and businesses have a similar approach, and share information and engage in lively debates to build resilience in our regional food system (see Partners).  

Future Harvest provides a platform for debate on the meaning of sustainability and the future of food in the Chesapeake region.  Our members come from all walks of the Chesapeake foodshed: farmers, chefs, grocers, food distributors, agricultural professionals, landowners, and consumers. Our mission area covers Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC.  

Join us as a member, and contribute your ideas and energy!

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