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Future Harvest CASA advocates for local, regional, and national policies that bolster the sustainable food economy in the Chesapeake.  We have provided testimony and comments on key issues of concern to sustainable farmers in the region, such as food safety regulations, and advocated for funding to support farmers who use practices that protect our air, land, and water.

Future Harvest CASA monitors local, state, and national policy and legislative activities, in concert with other regional organizations and as a member of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC).  We seek to ensure that the interests of the sustainable agriculture community are represented, and we support policies that promote farmland preservation, farmer retention, protection of natural resources, and increased access to healthy food.

​Action Item: February/March 2017

The Maryland Legislature is considering bills that could help farmers and consumers! Join us in expressing support for the Maryland Farms and Families Act, the Farmer Tax Credit Food Donation Pilot Program, and more. If passed, these bills would help low-income people access healthy, local food while helping farmers’ bottom line. If you live in Maryland, please take action by sending a letter of support to your state legislators for these bills.  Click her to view a sample letter.

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