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Backyard Farmer position - Edible Eden Foodscapes

Job Description: Backyard Farmer 


Are you passionate about growing food in urban and suburban environments? Are you looking to take your organic farming chops to the next level? Want to work with a team of passionate and knowledgeable foodscapers, permaculturists and organic farmers? Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes is looking for two Backyard Farmers to join our team and support our expanding portfolio of over 40 Baltimore area food gardens. 


General: Reports to Operations Manager. Broad goals are to collaboratively hold and grow Edible Eden’s annual operations (currently around 40 gardens): maintain annual (vegetable) gardens; implement bi-weekly, monthly and Garden Coach maintenance sessions, support annual garden customer communications and scheduling, manage annual garden materials including seeds, seedlings, fertilizers and amendments, and support  the development of the Garden Coach program and curriculum.  


Job Requirements:

  • Prefer at least one full gardening season of experience

  • Prefer experience with Google Suites and/or Microsoft Office

  • Must have own vehicle capable of transporting garden supplies to and from garden locations and must be comfortable driving a company vehicle and learning to tow a trailer

  • Must have availability of 3-5 business days per week (24-40 hours weekly)

  • Must have cell phone for communication while in the field

  • Must be able to bend, stoop, crouch, frequently lift at least 50 pounds, and use garden tools such as shovels, broadforks, etc.

  • Must be able to work outside in inclement weather, including cold, heat, and light precipitation

  • Must be able to work indoors, sitting and typing 

  • Must be able to work independently while maintaining communication with clients and team members


  1. Steward and Operate Edible Eden’s intensive food gardens all over the Greater Baltimore area using organic and sustainable practices: 


  1. Develop digital garden plans and implement them in client gardens 

  2. Plant seeds, seedlings, tubers etc as seasonally relevant

  3. Coordinate succession plantings and crop family rotations

  4. Side-dress and apply foliar fertilization, trace minerals, and relevant nutrients

  5. Prune, trellis, mulch, harvest and in all other ways operate raised bed and in-ground vegetable gardens for maximum production, aesthetics and sustainability.

  6. Strategically use Organic pest treatments

  7. Transportation may be split between using a personal vehicle (with mileage reimbursement) and a company vehicle


  1. Communications and Development:

    1. Communicate with maintenance customers including post visit email, pictures and recipes, troubleshooting and problem solving, scheduling and implementing of garden coach and maintenance visits 

    2. Offer Garden Coach sessions and worm bin set up workshops

    3. Keep detailed records regarding varieties, materials used, time spent and customer interactions

    4. Help streamline and grow the backyard farming operation- identifying ways to cut costs and improve garden productivity, aesthetics and ecological benefit.

    5. Develop curriculum documents and handouts for Garden Coach program


  1. Support Organization, Maintenance and Inventory of all annuals-related materials, including:

    1. plants, seeds, seedlings

    2. equipment (including cleaning and sharpening of tools and equipment)

    3. brewing and preparing foliar sprays

    4. coordinating maintenance of company vehicle


  1. Support and Maintain Annuals Nursery and Annual Seed/Seedling Purchasing: 

    1. manage all annuals seeds and seedlings, starting some seedlings from seed

    2. apply anti-fungal and organic foliar feeds

    3. water nursery and, pot up plants

    4. address pests and diseases

    5. ensure that we have needed supplies on hand to operate our gardens.



  • Starting rate of $15/hr   

  • Four pd sick/personal days in 2021 (one more day every year you are with us)

  • Monthly paid team development workshops (each one teach one) and professional development opportunities as available, accessible and relevant- could include at least one Farming Conference over the winter, Future Harvest field days and webinars, and/or online courses as determined with supervisor


To apply, send resume and cover letter to

Jobs, Internships, & Opportunities
Baltimore & Central Maryland
3037 Hamilton Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21214
United States
Contact Name: 
Grace Fellner
Wednesday, April 14, 2021 - 9:15am to Friday, April 30, 2021 - 9:15am