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BFTP Graduates

“This program was crucial in getting me started as a farmer in Baltimore. It created a community for me, where I found support, inspiration, and learning. It gave my partner the confidence to farm as well. I'm so lucky I found the program and I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to start a farm business!”          —Laura Beth Resnick, Butterbee Farm

“This is a well-rounded program that provides classroom knowledge, farm tours, and invaluable hands on experience. The program gives you access to many resources, ideas, and connections that you can draw on for your entire farming career.”  —Tamara Todd, Wild Peace Farm

By the end of 2017, our Beginner Farmer Training Program will have graduated nearly 170 new farmers in the Chesapeake region. Here are just some of our amazing graduates—please check out and support their farms!  


   Carin Celebuski            Brandon Dodge                John Dove                     Lisa Duff
   Ladybrook Farm            RASTAFARMI             Love Dove Farms         Oak Spring Farm
                                          (read profile)                  (read profile)


     Aleya Fraser               Lauren Giordano              Jeff Hartman                  Brian Knox
    Black Dirt Farm     Schoolhouse Farmhouse     The Old Familiar        Where Pigs Fly Farm
        Collective                    (read profile)                                                      (read profile)


        Elisa Lane               Vince Matanoski         Gerald McIntosh, III          Jascha Owens
  Two Boots Farm            Ladybrook Farm             (read profile)                Butterbee Farm
      (read profile)


      Gary Palmer            Laura Beth Resnick             Ben Sayler                   Connor Self
Holiday Memories Farm    Butterbee Farm       Pleasant Hill Produce   Common Market Farm


     Michael Snyder            Tamara Todd             Priscilla Wentworth          Joanna Winkler
Willow Creek Manor       Wild Peace Farm      Anchored Roots Farm       Good Dog Farm
          Farming                   (read profile)


         Alison Worman
Whitelock Community Farm
           (read profile)