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BFTP Graduates

Our Beginner Farmer Training Program has graduated more than 300 new farmers in the Chesapeake region. Here are just some of our amazing graduates—please check out and support their farms!  

Carin Celebuski

Ladybrook Farm

Brandon Dodge

RASTAFARMI (read profile)

Kimberly Raikes

Whitelock Farm

Lisa Duff

Oak Spring Farm

Rev. Heber Brown, III
Black Church Food Security Network

Jeff Hartman

The Old Familiar

Vince Matanoski

Ladybrook Farm

Gerald McIntosh, III

(read profile)

Jascha Owens

Butterbee Farm

Laura Beth Resnick

Butterbee Farm

Michael Snyder

Olde Dogg Manor Farm

Denzel Mitchell

Strength to Love II 

Priscilla Wentworth

Anchored Roots Farm

Joanna Winkler

Good Dog Farm

Violet King

Dreaming Out Loud, The Farm at Kelly Miller             



    Courtney Cohen Spore and Seed