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Level 2 Training Farms

Below is our current list of training farms that provide on-farm learning opportunities for Level 2 trainees.  If you do not see a farm located near you, we still encourage you to apply, as we may be able to bring on a nearby farm to work with you.  

If you are interested in becoming a training farm, please review our BFTP Trainer Requirements. To receive an application or more information about the program, please contact BFTP Director, Amyrose Foll, at:  We look forward to hearing from you!

Central Maryland | Baltimore City | Washington, DC | DC Metro Area | Delmarva | Southern Maryland | Virginia 

Butterbee Farm (Laura Beth Resnick and Jascha Owens): Butterbee Farm is a small flower farm located in Pikesville, MD that uses organic growing practices.  Butterbee's markets include local florists, weddings and other special events, restaurants, and an all flower CSA. (Pikesville, MD)

Calvert Farm (Pam Stegall): Calvert Farm is a small family farm located near the borders of DE and PA. They have been growing farm-fresh, sustainable produce since 1994 and sell through a farmstand, CSA, and other outlets. (Rising Sun, MD)

Calvert's Gift Farm (Jack and Beckie Gurley):  The Gurleys run a 5-acre certified organic farm in Sparks, MD.  They grow a wide range of vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and fruit, with an emphasis on heirloom and open-pollinated varieties.  The farm is Certified Organic. (Sparks, MD)

Country Pleasures Farm (Eric and Lori Rice): Country Pleasures Farm is Maryland's first certified organic orchard, with over 1800 apple, cherry, pear, peach, and apricot trees.  Other farm products include blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, currants, and other small fruits, as well as beef, hay, eggs, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  They sell at producer’s only farmers markets such as Fresh Farm Markets’ Silver Spring Market, and at their new Willow Oaks tasting room. (Middletown, MD)

Crooked Fence Farm (Sarah and Billy McCarthy): A diversified farm—with livestock, vegetables, and cut flowers—rooted in stewardship of land and community. The farm's growing practices maintain a holistic balance with the local and regional ecosystem. Crooked Fence Farm nurtures social connections, relationships with land and animals, and a balanced lifestyle for our family and workers. (Upperco, MD)

Edible Eden Baltimore Foodscapes (Josh Rosenstein): Edible Eden designs, installs and maintains food gardens and edible and ecological landscaping for homeowners, businesses and schools all over the Baltimore metropolitan area. They build and operate beautiful raised bed and in-ground gardens, create permaculture designs and plant perennials with edible and ecological benefit. As a small green business they aspire to meet a triple bottom line: taking care of the earth, taking care of the people and generating a profit. (Baltimore, MD)  

Flying Plow Farm (Tom Paduano and Sarah Rider): Flying Plow Farm is a small-scale diversified farm that integrates vegetables, cattle, poultry, draft animals, pigs, and people to create a self-sustaining farm organism. (Rising Sun, MD)

Forested (Lincoln Smith): Forested is an innovative 10-acre agroforestry project in Bowie, MD.  Forested serves as a site for testing forest agriculture plants and methods, training people in agroforestry and permaculture, and producing food in a diverse, multi-story ecosystem for its unique Forest Garden CSA. (Bowie, MD)

Full Cellar Farm (Kip Kelley): Full Cellar grows fresh vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and pastured poultry, pork and eggs on the scenic westward slopes of the Middletown Valley in Frederick County, Maryland. Though not certified organic, they aim to grow the prettiest and tastiest food for our local community in a way that leaves the farm healthy and productive for future generations. They sell at area farmers markets, CSAs and local food hubs. (Jefferson, MD)

Good Dog Farm (Joanna Winkler and Bryan Alexander)Good Dog Farm is a 8-acre organic vegetable farm in Baltimore County. We grow vegetables and dry beans for our customizable CSA, Baltimore area restaurants and other wholesale customers. (Parkton, MD)

Moon Valley Farm (Emma Jagoz): Moon Valley Farm is a family farm with a mission to build a sustainable, community-based food system in Frederick County. They grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers and native fruits using biological and organically-approved growing methods, which are made available through their CSA, at several of the area's best restaurants, and through a growing number of value-added producers. (Woodsboro, MD)

Native Mountain Farm (Natasha Blair): Native Mountain Farm is a bi-racial family farm—women owned and operated—proud to be stewarding land and working to support the community with the joy of flowers and the healing power of plants. Native Mountain grows cut flowers, healing medicinal herbs and a variety of berries on their land in Washington County, where they grow with sustainable growing practices. You can find Native Mountain's flowers at their Sip & Stem Workshops, weddings/events, pop up markets, weekly flower CSA, online orders, and through area florists and wholesale accounts. (Boonsboro, MD)

Oak Spring Farm (Lisa Duff): Oak Spring Farm is a small family farm located in Freeland, MD in northern Baltimore County.  Duff is a graduate of the BFTP and now sells through a CSA, farmers market, and to restaurants.  The farm produces vegetables, fruit, and humanely raised eggs.  The farm is Certified Organic. (Freeland, MD)

Open Book Farm (Mary Kathryn and Andrew Barnet): Open Book Farm is a diversified livestock and vegetable farm in the Middletown Valley, west of Frederick. They practice regenerative agriculture by focusing on soil health, livestock well-being, and direct-to-consumer sales. (Middletown, MD)

Plantmasters (Carol and Leon Carrier): A multi-generational family farm located in Montgomery County, specializing in cut flowers, plant sales, and herbs.  Established in 1986, Plantmasters is one of the longest running cut flower farms in our region.  The farm now operates on two sites and sells through several area farmers markets, including the year-round Montgomery Farm Women's Cooperative Market.

Two Boots Farm (Elisa Lane): Farmer Elisa Lane is a graduate of the Beginner Farmer Training Program and grows a wide range of vegetables, herbs, and flowers on her small family farm.  All of the produce is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and is sold through the farm's CSA, Baltimore farm stand, and to area restaurants. (Hampstead, MD)

Black Yield Institute/Cherry Hill Urban Community Garden (Myeasha Taylor): Cherry Hill Urban Community Garden is a 1+ acre urban farm, committed to developing models of food production and land stewardship through bolstering, supporting, and securing capital and other resources that translate to improving access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food. CHUCG is committed to leadership development and capacity building through community-based growing and community economic development.

The Greener Garden (Warren and Lavette Blue): The Blues have been growing on this urban farm in northeast Baltimore City for the last 16 years.  We hope to help train the next generation of farmers in the city, helping young people who currently do not have access to the wonderful experience of growing food.

Hillen Homestead (Maya Kosok): Maya Kosok started Hillen Homestead in 2013 and has two sites in urban Baltimore where she grows over 80 varieties of flowers and foliage.  Hillen Homestead is rooted in the surrounding community and sells to local florists, a 20+ member CSA, and DIY weddings.  Maya loves seeking out unique varieties and using no-till, intensive growing techniques. 

Real Food Farm (Stuart Jones): Real Food Farm is an 8-acre urban farm dedicated to education and addressing food access in Baltimore City. We produce diverse vegetables year round and employ 7 high tunnels and a small orchard on two sites. We focus heavily on training beginning farmers to take a leadership role in sustainable Maryland agriculture. 

Strength to Love 2 (Bryan Wright): A community-based urban farm that provides hands-on agricultural training and job opportunities for citizens returning from incarceration while also addressing food apartheid issues in the neighborhood. The farm is a visible symbol of transformation in our community that has successfully converted vacant land into an operational farm by growing organic produce for local consumption. STL2 use environmentally sustainable methods to grow high quality produce, marketed to diverse retail, restaurant, institutional, and individual customers.

Whitelock Farm (Kimberly Raikes): The farm began in 2010 when Reservoir Hill residents converted a vacant lot into an active urban farm with the help of hundreds of volunteers. The goals of the Farm are to: pursue affordable sustainable fresh food sources, provide neighborhood job creation, and help promote greening and positive community activity. The farm also implements its mission through farm-based learning programs such as gardening and cooking classes for children and adults.

Three Part Harmony Farm (Gail Taylor): Three Part Harmony Farm is an urban farm located in Washington, DC, founded and managed by farmer Gail Taylor.  The farm is located on a 2-acre parcel in Northeast DC.  Taylor grows using organic practices and markets the farm's produce through a CSA, at the Community Farming Alliance's collaborative booth at the Petworth Farmers Market, and to area restaurants. 

Clagett Farm (Carrie Cochran Vaughn): Clagett Farm is a 285-acre farm in Upper Marlboro, MD and is a project of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.  The farm uses approximately 20 acres to grow vegetables for its CSA as well as for donation to low-income families in the DC area, through a unique partnership with the Capital Area Food Bank.  The vegetable operation is Certified Organic. (Upper Marlboro, MD)

Deep Roots Farm (Gale Livingstone): Deep Roots Farm is a regenerative ''O'', women owned and operated farm located in Brandywine and Upper Marlboro, MD.  They grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers, and raise chickens on 50 acres for the community. Regenerative "O" describes a holistic approach to farming that encourages continuous innovation and improvement of environmental, social, and economic measures. Regenerative prioritizes soil health while simultaneously encompassing high standards for animal welfare and worker fairness. The idea is to create farm systems that work in harmony with nature to improve the quality of life for every creature involved. (Upper Marlboro, MD)

One Acre Farm (Michael Protas): Although the farm has retained its original name—adopted back when Farmer Mike Protas started on just one acre—One Acre Farm has grown and is now located on almost 30 acres of farm land in Montgomery County. The produce sold through their CSA is chemical-free and Farmer Mike focuses on soil-building methods like extensive cover cropping, reduced tillage, and farm-made compost. (Dickerson, MD)

Habanera Farm (Henriette den Ouden and Chris Himmel): Habanera Farm grows herbs and produces teas. They sometimes combine with imported teas. Teas are grown and processed in an ecologically responsible way with a solar powered herb dryer. They are licensed by the Maryland Health Department and follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Habanera Farm sells wholesale and retail, packaged for restaurants and coffee houses, or packaged for an individual consumer. In addition, they sell herb plants and some medicinal herbs and offer classes on herbs, herbal medicine, living in nature’s balance and cooking classes. (Tyaskin, MD)

Hattie's Garden (Hattie Allen): Hattie’s Garden is a small market-garden, growing vegetables, herbs, starter plants, and specialty cut flowers for markets and offers a plant CSA each spring. Hattie’s Garden practices sustainable farming and organic principles. (Lewes, DE)

Perennial Roots Farm (Natalie McGill and Stewart Lundy): Perennial Roots Farm is a small-scale biodynamic farm committed to regenerative growing practices. They are Certified Naturally Grown, and grow non-GMO open pollinated heirloom plants and raise heritage livestock for farmers markets, restaurants, and their CSA. (Accomack, VA)

Priapi Gardens (Victor Priapi): Priapi Gardens operates a diversified business that combines the sales of high quality plants—including certified organic vegetable transplants—with certified organic produce grown on the farm. Their produce is sold through a CSA as well as farmers markets.  Farmer Victor Priapi has decades of experience, having grown up on a vegetable farm, studied Plant Science at Cornell, and later as a farmer and professional horticulturist. (Cecilton, MD)

Where Pigs Fly Farm (Jennifer Klug Vaccaro and Brian Knox): Where Pigs Fly Farm is a regenerative farm raising broiler chickens, heritage turkeys, laying hens and heritage hogs using rotational grazing methods.  We sell our produce to families, restaurants and retailers on the Eastern Shore and Annapolis region.  We use integrated pest management systems and the rotation of plants and animals to combat pests and diseases holistically.  We are not certified organic, however we meet or exceed organic standards in all that we do.  We don’t want chemicals in our bodies, so we don’t put them on our food.  At WPFF we are committed to making every day of our animals’ lives happy and fulfilling. Our animals are raised on rotational pasture systems, enjoying fresh air 365 days per year with clean, dry shelter from the elements. (Centreville, MD)

Sassafras Creek Farm (David and Jennifer Paulk): The Paulks grow vegetables, herbs, and small fruit on their 80-acre Certified Organic farm.  They aim to have fresh produce available for the majority of the year, March thru December, and sell at area farmers markets, to restaurants and through wholesale. The farm is Certified Organic. (Leonardtown, MD)

Vanguard Farm (Renard and Chinette Turner): Renard and Chinette Turner of Vanguard Ranch Natural Gourmet in Louisa County, VA believe that "farming is an act of liberation." Seeking a more sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle, they left D.C. and moved to the countryside to start their farm in 1995. Vanguard Ranch Ltd. is a small, diversified family farm. Owned by husband and wife Renard and Chinette Turner and assisted by Richard Yates (all senior citizens, by the way!), they are committed to providing the highest quality organically grown product and food products. Vanguard Ranch also raises several kinds of animals, all of which are tended naturally and allowed to range freely, resulting in high-quality, delicious products like their famous goat burgers and kabobs. (Gordonsville, VA)

Bright Spot Farms: Bright Spot Farms is a 2-acre diversified vegetable urban farm near Wilmington, DE, dedicated to growing fresh produce using sustainable methods and cultivating youth leadership. Bright Spot Farms sells its produce at 4 farmers markets and to a few wholesale accounts. We provide farm production training to young adults in the community ages 14-24 with a focus on understanding and addressing oppression and the food system. (New Castle, DE)

Penn Farm (Toby Hagerott): The Colonial School District's Agriculture Program is home to a growing group of middle school and high school students exploring agriculture. Through hands-on learning and doing, classes always have something new to learn. At William Penn High School we have over 300 students involved in Agriculture classes and 30 high school students in “Penn Farm Class” that help make Penn Farm happen. All students within the district are exposed to fresh grown vegetables either from school gardens or Penn Farm in the lunch room.  Penn Farm is unique that it is a working production farm producing a variety of crops not only for production but also for demonstration and learning opportunities. Students do some work on the farm during the school year. With select students being hired during the summer to work on the farm. The majority of product produced, 13,500 lbs. in 2018, is used directly by the District’s Nutrition Services. (New Castle, DE)