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Black-Owned and Operated Farms

Future Harvest stands in solidarity against racism, against anti-Blackness, and for a much better, more just and more equitable farm and food system—and world. We stand beside and work to amplify the voices of Black farmers and organizations. This list of farms and organizations is a work in progress, and we're committed to adding any we missed to the list. Please email us suggestions.

Chesapeake Region

5th District Mini Farm (Richmond, VA)⁠
Airport Food Forest (Ashland, VA)

Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-op (Pittsburgh, PA)⁠
Botanical Bites Provisions (Fredericksburg, VA)⁠
Browntown Farms (Warfield, VA)⁠ 
The Carter Farms (Orange County, VA)
Cherry Hill Urban Garden (Baltimore, MD)

Cusheeba Earth, A Soil Culture Farm (Onley, VA)⁠
DC Urban Greens (Washington, DC)

Deep Root Farms (Brandywine, MD)
District Growers (Washington, DC)

Dodo Farms (Brookeville, MD)⁠
Double Z Cowboy Corral (Faulkner, MD)
Dreaming Out Loud, The Farm at Kelly Miller (Washington DC)
Eco City Farms (Hyattsville and Bladensburg, MD)
Empower Project Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)⁠
Tha Flower Factory (Baltimore, MD)

Four Mothers Farm (Princess Anne, MD) ⁠
The Green Anarchist (Annapolis, MD)

Good Sense Farm and Apiary (Washington, DC)
H Street Farms (Washington, DC)

Haynie Farms (Reedville, VA)⁠
Melanated Medicinals (Baltimore, MD and Farmville, VA)

Mighty Thundercloud Edible Forest (Birdsnest, VA)⁠
Mill Creek Urban Farm (Philadelphia, PA)⁠
Myles Flower & Produce (Harwood, MD⁠)
Native Mountain Farm (Boonsboro, MD)
New Brooklyn Farms (Mount Rainier, MD)⁠
Peaceful Acres Organic Free Range Farm (Brandywine, MD)

The Plantation - Park Heights Urban Garden (Baltimore, MD)
Purple Mountain Organics (Takoma Park, MD)⁠
Strength to Love 2 (Baltimore, MD)⁠
Sun Path Gardens (Richmond, VA)

Sylvanaqua Farms (Montross, VA⁠)
Gardens of Khmet (Madison Co, VA)⁠
The Greener Garden - Urban Farm (Baltimore, MD)⁠
Three Part Harmony Farm (Washington DC)⁠
Tripple Springs Farm, LLC (Brandywine, MD)⁠
Vanguard Ranch Natural Gourmet (Gordonsville, VA)⁠
Waddle Om Farm (Scottsville, VA)⁠
Whitelock Community Farm (Baltimore, MD)
WoodBox Farm (Alexandria, VA)

Additional Organizations to Support

The Black Church Food Security Network
Black Yield Institute
Black Dirt Farm Collective
Soilful City
Dreaming Out Loud, Inc.
National Black Food & Justice Alliance
Soul Fire Farm


Ark Republic Black Farmers Index: A Guide to Black Farms in the US
Soul Fire Farm's Food Sovereignty Action Steps
BIPOC in Agriculture and Food research database
eveling the Fields: Creating Farming Opportunities for Black People, Indigenous People, and Other People of Color