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Capital RC & D Local Food Initiative

Our goal is to encourage the consumption of locally produced agricultural products by helping consumers identify te manyoptions available to buy local food and support our local farm economy. A consumer's guide for farmer's markets and stands in South Central PA can be found on our website.

Why Buy Locally Grown Food? Did you know that when you buy locally grown food you are helping to protect the environment? Each fresh and delicious apple or tomato you buy at a local farm stand or from a producer at a farmers' market helps to protect the environment in a number of ways. It can save thousands of miles of transportation. Most food available in the average grocery store is extremely resource intensive, traveling an average of 1500-2500 miles from field to plate. Reducing the "food miles" reduces carbon emissions from shipping as well as packaging. Spending your food dollar on locally produced food also helps to make farming more profitable, reducing the incentive for a farmer to sell farmland for development. This provides us all with more open space for water recharge and helps conserve the region's visual beauty. We in the South Central PA region are fortunate to have many nearby farms that retail to consumers and farmer's markets open most days during the season. It couldn't be easier to buy local!