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Food Safety Toolkit

Protect Your Consumers. Protect Your Farm.

Suddenly a buyer is asking for your food safety certification. Or, you've just read the latest horror story about a food-borne illness outbreak, and you think it doesn't apply to you. It does! Food contamination can happen on any farm, regardless of size or growing practices. Your responsibility is to be informed and to manage risks as best you can. 

We're here to help. Chesapeake Harvest and Future Harvest have teamed up to help farmers demystify food safety processes, employ best practices, and get closer to food safety certification. The team is offering on-farm workshops, educational tutorials, FREE one-on-one coaching for food safety certification readiness, and a food safety resource toolkit – all at low- or no cost to you.

Below is our first online Food Safety Toolkit, which includes information about our workshops. 

This program is made possible by USDA’s Food Safety Outreach Program. Read our press release about the grant award here


Download and Print Resources
Online Training
Food Safety Workshops
One-on-One Support


Download and Print Resources

Throughout our work, and with the efforts of food safety educators across the US, we have collected resources, tools, and templates to help farmers plan and implement food safety practices in their operations. This Toolkit contains what we consider to be the most helpful videos, fact sheets, logs, and articles for understanding and identifying food safety hazards and implementing procedures to reduce those risks. We have included a template for a simple GAP plan to get you started. You can can use the resources here as building blocks for this plan or create a more detailed food safety program for GAP Certification. And remember, we are here to help you


Online Training

What To Do With All The Poo

Webinar: Water, Water Everywhere 

Webinar: Keeping It Clean and Safe On The Farm

Webinar: Food Safety in the Times of COVID-19. View Slides Here

(Please visit our COVID-19 Resource Page for more COVID-specific information.)

Webinar: Demystifying Produce Safety: GAP Certification vs. FSMA Regulation. View slides here.

Webinar: Food Safety Intro with Lindsay Gilmour, GAP Food Safety Expert, Chesapeake Harvest. 

Food Safety Workshops

Please visit our Field School Events Calendar for detailed information about upcoming workshops.


One-on-One Support

If you are interested in getting this support to help your produce farm become food safety compliant, please reach out to us today! Email Elizabeth Beggins at or Lindsay Gilmour at to discuss what type of food safety support your farm needs to become audit ready.


This work is supported by Food Safety Outreach Program Award Number 2018-70020-28868 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

Photo Credits: "Drip irrigation" by JobyOne is licensed under CC BY 2.0; Virginia Cattle by Deb Dramby; "Handheld-Cherry-Tomatoes-in-hand__IMG_8061-580x386" by Public Domain Photos is licensed under CC BY 2.0; Tunnel Greens Harvest by Deb Dramby