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Pick-Your-Own Consultant Program


What could you do with $1,000? 

Experienced, intermediate, and new farmers, would you benefit from working one-on-one with a consultant - accounting, legal, logistics, insurance - to improve your farm operation? We’ve got just the program for you! 

Future Harvest will be awarding 30, $1,000 vouchers for consultations to take place between September 1, 2021 and April 1, 2022.


Applications due July 18th -- only one page! 

Applicants should identify their top two priorities for working with a consultant. Future Harvest will help farmers identify consultants who have the skill sets they're seeking and will pay the consultant on behalf of the farmer. Priority will be shown to applicants who are: Future Harvest Members & from socially marginalized groups (people of color, women, lower income, religious minorities, LGBTQ+, immigrants). All are encouraged to apply and can use the list of consultants to their benefit.

This program is funded by the Northeast Extension Risk Management Education Center (NERME).



Can I work with a consultant/advisor who isn’t on the list?
Yes! You’ll just need to include their name and contact information on the application HERE.

I need farm help, but I’m not sure who I should work with.
Go ahead and apply! We’ll match you if we can.

$1000 is too much for my needs.
Don’t worry - you can apply to connect with up to two consultants/advisors and/or apply for a lesser amount of funds.

$1000 isn’t enough for my needs.
While awards are capped at $1000, we encourage you to apply to at least offset some of the costs of the services your farm requires.

This isn’t a great time of year. Can I apply later?
We know spring and summer are tough times to be at the computer, so we’ve kept the application as simple as possible. This is a pilot program and we hope to run it again, but there are no guarantees, so please apply now if you’re interested.

Will I need to pay the consultant? 
Nope! If you are selected to be part of this program, we will send additional instructions. The consultant/advisor will invoice Future Harvest, and we’ll handle payment.

Questions? Email Niamh Shortt, Field School Director at




Maryland State Bar Association

The Law Office of Michelle Namer, LLC DBA The Law Farm


Julia Shanks Food Consulting / The Farmer's Office
The W2 Group, Jeff Wilson
Dangerfield Consulting, Inc. DBA Farm Profit Plus
Virginia Foodshed Capital



The Piedmont Group


Ellen Polishuk, Plant to Profit

Lisa Garfield, Future Harvest and Million Acre Challenge

Marcus Roberson, Good Earth Therapy

Wills Soil & Streams



Cara Fraver
Kimberly Raikes, Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety (NECAFS)
Michael Carter, Africulture
Lindsay Gilmour and the Chesapeake Harvest Produce Safety Team



Ben Hartman, Clay Bottom Farm, The Lean Farm
Denzel Mitchell Jr., Farm Alliance of Baltimore
Maya Kosok, Hillen Homestead
Renard Turner, Vanguard Ranch
Amyrose Foll, Virginia Free Farm & Pocahontas Project
Laura Beth Resnick, Butterbee Farm

Anandi A. Premlall, FarmWarts Academy


Farris III and Aita Amaize, OurSpace World



Thank you to the Northeast Extension Risk Management Education Center (NERME) and the USDA National Institution of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) for funding and supporting this project. NERME provides competitive grants that fund education projects focused on helping farmers and ranchers successfully manage the unique risks associated with production agriculture across the northeast.